Living drug is nothing but a purified Antibody.

Any normal laboratory with facilities to extract antibodies from the serum or having facility to prepare monoclonal antibodies are suitable for manufacturing the drug.

Note: Ebola Virus is not used in any part of the drug manufacturing, making it completely safe to manufacture the drug in any basic laboratory.

Costs and Time involved in Manufacturing of Living Drug:

Small Quantity Manufacturing Industrial Scale Manufacturing
Laboratory requirement A basic laboratory having facility for Protein Purification A GMP complying laboratory with Monoclonal Antibody Production Infrastructure.
Manufacturing Time Period Maximum of 25 day for each batch. Initial setup requires considerable time, but it can produce continuous supply.
Cost Per 1 ml. 15$ to 20$ 3$ to 5$
Live Virus involved in the production? No No

Living drug manufacturing is the easiest and efficient process and it can be manufactured in large scales, and the costs incurred in large scale manufacturing are far less than any other competing product available in the market at present for Ebola treatment.

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