Final Word

We are using this website as a medium to communicate our project possibilities to the world. At present world is searching for a drug to cure Ebola Infection and a vaccine to prevent the Ebola Virus Infection. World has almost gave up on drug hopes and the world hoping to get a working vaccine as soon as possible.

Can we provide a guarantee that a traditional vaccine can save us from this crisis? Traditional vaccine testing itself take a long amount of time and still we need to hope that it will work.

We are introducing a Drug which combines both the technologies, namely Drug and Vaccine.

Living Drug Cures a Patient by immunizing him and Living Drug Ebola Vaccine can immunize a vulnerable patient.

Advantage of our research is, Living drug testing as a drug is sufficient to prove that it can be used as a vaccine also.

We have completed the drug discovery and manufacturing process, our drug costs 15$ – 20$. And its price can be brought down to 3$ to 5$ by large scale manufacturing. And our drug can be manufactured in any GMP facilities with minimal equipment’s and it requires a maximum of 25 days per batch.

Problem that we are facing is, getting access to the official Laboratories to prove in-vitro and in-vivo tests. We require a maximum of 60 days to prove the effectiveness of the drug and all the new possibilities that we have discussed in this website. But for a research institute like us, it takes a life time to get such access, because of the infrastructure challenges.

We are ready to collaborate with any organization which is ready to provide us access to the minimal facilities that we are requesting and help us completing preclinical formalities.

If we fail, then it is just a failed attempt in a new direction, but if we are successful in our experiment it can provide the following new possibility and new direction for microbial infection treatment and vaccine development.

  1. Curing Ebola infection using only 1 ml of living drug.
  2. A vaccine which not only immunizes but also cure an infected person.

Our project has a potential to change the way we manage the immunological disorders.

Please contact us to collaborate with us.

Girish Anem

girishanem [at]

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