Existing Solutions

Current methods to solve Ebola Puzzle:

As we are almost in the middle of a crisis to find suitable drug for Ebola treatment, there are 3 distinct methods available. Namely

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Vaccine
  3. Antibodies

We would like to provide our view on these methods, why these methods are not close to perfection.


Let me explain, why we call it as chemotherapy. Any chemical that is used to control the Ebola Virus have following distinct disadvantages.

They are not utilizing the mechanism of the body, they are directly attacking the virus.

If a person is cured using chemotherapy, on relapse of the same disease, patient has to go through the same medication or a higher dosage. Clearly, this system is not communicating anything to the body. On a long term note and efficiency note this method is the crudest method to cure Ebola infection.

Our body has the ability to cure the disease and eliminate the Ebola virus, but Chemotherapy is not utilizing any one of these mechanisms, it is like in a digital world using analog signal. It may sometimes serve our purpose, but it can never communicate with the digital system, they are not compatible at the core.


Current Vaccine technologies concentrate on immunizing the vulnerable host before the commencement of actual infection by supplying a different variant of the pathogen.

It has following distinct disadvantages,

  • There is no relevance between the curing of infected person and immunizing un-infected person. It addresses immunizing un-infected person, but not curing the infected person. If it can immunize before commencement of the infection, why it can’t immunize during or after the infection and change the tide in favour of the host immune system and eventually cure the infected person.
  • Most of the vaccines have a success rate of 50%-80% and they need separate procedure for finding out its effectiveness. Current procedure is, If vaccine is not developing a disease then it is effective, why not a vaccine can cure an infected person every time then we can successfully prove 99% effectiveness of the vaccine.


It is the most promising method, provided we are using the right antibody. Current methods are using a cocktail of antibodies.

How these antibodies are identified is the base idea, these antibodies are identified based on the antibodies that are produced in a host when Ebola Virus is injected into it. Out of all the antibodies that are secreted in the host, we are identifying best options and utilizing them as a drug.

What if Ebola virus is successfully hiding its vulnerable targets which means immune system of the host can never produce required Antibody.

Total search space of these Antibody cocktails is a question mark. Are we searching at the right place?

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