We are following number of procedures to prevent the Ebola Virus from infecting us which we call as passive prevention, but real problem lies in our body, because our immune system is vulnerable. If our immune system can always defend itself, we do not have to worry about following procedures which are not 100% fool proof.

Living Drug provides cure for an infected person and also a vaccine for an uninfected person. Any patient undergoing either of the treatment develops active immunity against Ebola Virus.

On subsequent exposure to Ebola Virus, body readily defends itself, as our immune system has developed immune memory for Ebola Virus and active surveillance is in place for Ebola Virus. Immune system gets activated, each time Ebola Virus is detected in the body and actively defends and kills it, making sure that Ebola Virus will never develop a disease.


A patient who is treated using Living Drug or Immunized using Ebola-Living Drug Vaccine, will always develop Immune memory against Ebola Virus and his body will always defend Ebola Virus, on subsequent exposures to the virus.


Here Prevention carried out by the immune system is an active prevention and is the best way to prevent any viral infection.

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