Here comes a new innovation in Vaccine technology. If you notice our Description of the page, we didn’t use vaccination but we used Immunize. Reason behind not using Vaccination is, Vaccine technology is a questionable approach, which is old methodology and a new and more efficient method need to replace it.

Vaccine technology has following disadvantages.

  1. Success rate of a vaccine always ranges from around 50% to 80% but it is never 99% successful, theoretically also we can’t guarantee that.
  2. Clinical trials for a vaccine is an indirect process, i.e. if on administering the vaccine on a host, if it is not developing any symptoms of the disease then we are concluding it as effective but our argument is why it can’t cure an already infected person?
  3. There is no relation between, cure and vaccination.
  4. Immunization using a vaccine is a Passive Immunization method, as we are not using the actual microbe and when real infection is encountered, vaccine success rate of the vaccine is not 99%.

Living drug is going to change the way we look at vaccination rather we call it as Active Immunization.

  1. In a suitable culture medium, when we treat, Virulent Ebola Virus with Living Drug, Resultant complex is a Inactivated Ebola Virus, which retains all the properties of the Ebola Virus, except that it can’t infect a person and a perfect vaccine candidate.
  2. Living Drug-Ebola Virus Vaccine effectiveness can be proved by treating infected person with this new type of vaccine, which activates the immune system and also cures the infected person, in this way 99% success rate of the Vaccine can be tested, which we call as Active Immunization.
  3. We are always using the original microbe, and we can guarantee the success rate of the Vaccine.



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